We build exterior, wooden decking structures ranging from, raised decking, patio decking  through to balcony and roof terrace decking. We design individually tailored decks that compliment the clients urban landscape and can be designed to include extra accessories chosen by the customer. These include, planters, benches, ramps, balustrades, exterior staircases, privacy screens, storage facilities and pergolas which can all be designed and built to the clients specification. We have a proven track record of making and installing safe, solid and well crafted decks for many satisfied customers.

The design process caters for all individual needs and is specifically tailored to your requirements. You can choose anything from a simple two-person seating area, to a multi-level decking structure that wraps around your villa. The possibilities of choice are endless. After initially discussing the design and type of deck with you, we then advise you about the many different types of wood that are available to use. Pressure treated softwood mainly accounts for most of our work do date. A small number of customers have chosen hardwood decks that are sourced from sustainable resources.

All decking fixtures are suitable for exterior use and mostly consist of galvanized metal parts unless requested otherwise. Stainless steel fixings can also be provided at extra cost. Further customization such as curved edges, diagonally laid boards and various types of balustrades (railings) can be made available upon request. Stainless steel and glass panels are some of the favorites chosen for custom construction.

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